My Story


Their hope for a better life lies in the compassion and support of 

those who are willing to extend a helping hand.

This is the unfolding story of Bilal, a small three-year-old Afghan boy. In his malnourished fragility of life, he is barely able to walk. Tragedy has visited this young soul early on, robbing him of his father, Javed, whose life ended in an explosion. Left alone with his devoted mother, Bilal’s life has become an uphill battle. Their struggles have left them with a painful existence.

Imagine, for a moment, the heartache of a mother watching her beloved child suffering from malnourishment, unable to walk properly, and fighting tuberculosis along with other illnesses. Theirs is a tale of adversity that unfolds under the canvas of a makeshift tent in the country. Their days are marked by scarcity, and they endure hunger pangs of empty stomachs, sometimes they go without food for an entire day.

In the face of these hardships, Raziqa’s unwavering love and care for Bilal are constant. But her maternal dedication comes at a heavy cost – she cannot work to support her family. The burden of providing for her son weighs heavily upon her.

Today, I invite you to open your hearts to Bilal and Raziqa’s plight – to extend your hand to them in their time of need. Your compassion can make an immense difference, as your donation can provide them with the lifeline they so desperately require.

By contributing, you can help provide the following essential necessities:

  • Nutritious Food: Your donation will ensure that Bilal and Raziqa don’t have to endure hunger pangs and will have access to regular meals to regain their strength and vitality.
  • Clothes and Shoes: With your support, we can give them warm clothes and proper shoes, shielding them from the harsh elements and providing comfort.
  • Medical Treatment: Bilal’s young life hangs in the balance. Your generous donation can cover the costs of his medical treatment, offering him a chance at a healthier future.
  • Improved Shelter: Living under a weak tent subjects them to harsh conditions. Your contribution can help secure a better rental house, giving them a safer and more dignified place to call home.
  • Home Supplies: Basic necessities like bedding and utensils can make a world of difference. Your support can help furnish their home and provide some much-needed comfort.
  • Daily Living Expenses: Meeting day-to-day needs has become an overwhelming challenge for Raziqa. Your donation can ease this burden and allow them to focus on rebuilding their lives.

The power to transform Bilal and Raziqa’s lives lies within your hands. Your donation, no matter the size, will be a beacon of hope providing a way out of darkness. Your generosity will ripple through their lives, instilling strength, resilience, and the knowledge that someone out there cares.

Let us join together in this act of compassion, showing Bilal and Raziqa that they are not alone, that their struggles are seen, and that their future can be rewritten with love and support. Donate now, and be a part of their incredible journey towards a brighter and more promising tomorrow.